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VAPPSY for CRR Realtors

VAPPSY for all smart devices

What is VAPPSY?

What is VAPPSYUsing your smartphone or tablet you can easily record customers’ video testimonials and instantly upload them to your website. Techno-babble NOT required. Our ‘1, 2, that’s all you do’ app makes it so easy a child can do it. Videos are played via a branded video player for your website, similar to the one shown below. Satisfied customers are able to share, with NEW potential clients, their personal experience about doing business with you.

VAPPSY player

Using the VappChat feature, located in the upper right corner of VAPPSY’s video player as demonstrated below, visitors to your website can communicate with you from your website right to your smart device via instant text messaging. Never miss another NEW prospect ready to buy.

VAPPSY's VappChat


Why use VAPPSY?

Why use VAPPSYCapture the moment – preserve it forever.

Have you ever wished you could capture a moment in time when a satisfied customer was praising you so you could preserve and share their comments with potential customers? With VAPPSY you let satisfied customers sell for you.

Testimony from Barb

VAPPSY gives customers a voice, and allows would-be customers to glean knowledge about you they would otherwise not have. What customers say about you could be the influencing factor for would-be customers to decide to do business with you.

Nothing you say about YOU, on your website, can be as convincing to would-be customers as what actual customers are saying.


VAPPSY is available for iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, Android phones and tablets as well as for Blackberry phones and PlayBook (excluding Q10 and Z10). Q10 and Z10 are currently in final stages of development and should be available soon.

If you are a Q10/Z10 user you can still lock in this savings while you wait for their release. This deal will be gone soon but you can lock it in now while it’s still available.

VAPPSY overview.

VAPPSY regularly sells for $19.97 monthly plus a one-time $40 setup fee for a first year total of $279.64. Charles Rutenberg Realty Realtors can pick up VAPPSY for only $129 annually. Realtors can thank Ray Zabielski for the deal.

This offer will not last long. Grab it today to ensure the lifetime savings.

CRR discount.


Feel free to contact me with any questions about VAPPSY. Speak with me from this website if I am streaming on the site. You can also call me using the numbers below.


Rodney Brace

1-416-855-7389 Canada

1-210-767-2176 USA