VAPPSY Right Corner

VAPPSY has Two Player Options

One:¬†customers can add VAPPSY’s player to the lower right corner of any page as demonstrated on this page. This option is ideal for people who do not want to make room on a page for VAPPSY’s player. The icon will stay in view when the page is scrolled and will be visible on top of all page content. Visitors to the website can open and close VAPPSY by clicking the icon. This icon can be customized and replaced with any customer image.


Two:¬†customers can add VAPPSY’s player to any page as regular content. Two players cannot be added to the same page so we cannot demonstrate the second option on this page. Simply click here to see the the opther option.

If you want to test VAPPSY’s text chat feature then simply click the icon in the lower right corner, locate the VappChat button at the top of the player. Send me a text and I will reply if I am available.