Earn with VAPPSY

Earn with VAPPSY

VAPPSY’s primary earning potential is to help you grow your own business by leveraging the experiences of satisfied customers and sharing that success with visitors to your website.

There are other ways you can earn with VAPPSY by sharing VAPPSY with other people. Select tabs on the left for explanations.

Earn with VAPPSY's affiliate program.

VAPPSY’s affiliate program allows you to earn on two levels. You earn 25% for ALL direct referrals (your level 1). You earn 10% for the direct referrals of your level 1. These referrals are your level 2.

The image below shows only 3 referrals on level 1 but there is no limit to the width. You can refer as many people as you wish and you will earn 25% for each referral.

Earn with VAPPSY

VAPPSY's Reseller Program

VAPPSY’s Reseller Program is a unique and exciting opportunity for the right candidate(s). Successful candidates are required to pay an upfront reseller license fee which covers set up and support. In addition royalties are paid per sale per month. The license fee and royalties will be disclosed to interested candidates during consultation.

Currently there are global opportunities for language-specific countries/regions.

There are also industry-specific opportunities available.

Resellers can brand VAPPSY (rename it) and market it as their unique product. They are required to host VAPPSY on a dedicated server and must meet server specifications, to be discussed.

This is a rare and unique opportunity. Interested parties should complete the contact form by clicking here to inquire.

Become a VAPPSY reseller

VAPPSY reseller referral program

Think you know someone who would be interested in our Reseller opportunity? If you are a VAPPSY customer or affiliate then you already have your referral link. Share it with someone you know who would be interested in becoming a reseller and we will pay you $500 if the person or company you refer becomes a reseller.

Referral rewards and commissions are paid only to paying customers. We do not offer a free affiliate program. We pay referral rewards to paying customers who use our services.

Make money with VAPPSY