Who Can Use VAPPSY?

If you are trying to determine if VAPPSY is the right tool for your business then consider some examples as illustrated below.

How people access information is changing. People are leveraging mobile solutions to grow their businesses. You are not limited to these few examples.

Anyone who wants MORE customers!Anyone can use VAPPSY

While we list several professions on the left as to who can take advantage of VAPPSY’s service, customers are NOT limited to these. As stated, these are only suggestions.  Consider your own business and I’m sure you’ll catch the vision of how you can put VAPPSY to use in your business.

Is there anyone more on the go than Realtors? If you are one then you know your business is definitely mobile. Some Realtors have told me they visit their office once or twice per week.

VAPPSY for RealtorsAs a Realtor you know the marketplace can be quite competitive. Both sellers and buyers want to know they are in the right hands. After all, buying a home is one of the biggest and most important purchases people make in their lives. VAPPSY assures them that YOU are their best choice.

More than 96% of real estate searches begin online. Having a pretty website with a self-promoting video of you singing your own praises might look nice but sellers and buyers are not interested in what you have to say about you. VAPPSY for RealtorsImagine if potential clients could instantly hear from past and present clients as they share their experiences of having hired you as their Realtor. This is what visitors to your website want.

There is no better time to capture a client’s recommendation than when you have helped them to buy or sell. At that precise moment their euphoria can be contagious. Using VAPPSY you simply hold up your smart device, phone or table, and click record. You capture their feelings and emotions on video and then simply click upload.

No editing.

No tech information to know.

Simply record and upload.

Your client’s experience is captured, forever, and is instantly available on your website for NEW prospects to see. What is that worth to you? It’s worth quite a lot to new prospects looking for the Realtor who will get them their best deal and pay attention to their needs.

VAPPSY is definitely right for you, don’t you think?

VAPPSY for ChiropractorsHave you ever had a client limp their way into your office because their back was out or the pain in their neck was so unbearable they could scream their head off?  Then you lay hands on them (so-to-speak) and they walk out as if nothing was wrong. Can you relate? I can.

Each time my Chiropractor helped me I sang his praises to the receptionist on the way out as well as to those in the waiting room. But those are not the people who need to hear the accolades.

Imagine, as a Chiropractor, before your patient leaves the office you ask them for a video recommendation you could post on your website. The patient will probably be inclined to do so.

With VAPPSY’s 1, 2 that’s all you do process it’s easy to record and upload client testimonials with just a tap on your smart device. Videos instantly appear on your website for those people searching your website to see.

You can spend thousands of dollars on advertising and paying people to appear in your ads but nothing will return that expense faster than the words straight out of the mouths of REAL clients whom you assisted.

VAPPSY for Chiropractors

Potential clients relate more to real clients than they do a print ad, or a TV commercial for that matter. Put the power of VAPPSY to work for you today.

I don’t know if anyone relies more on word-of-mouth marketing than MLMers and network marketers. If you are one, then you know exactly what I’m saying. After all, your business is built on referrals, isn’t it?

VAPPSY is ideal for your business according to what many MLMers are telling me.


As an MLMer you work on presentations, phone scripts, email series and probably much more to persuade new prospects to join your team or organization. Many of your colleagues are doing the very same thing, so you need something you can leverage more that will yield faster results. Consider VAPPSY.

If you want people to join your team then why not let team members tell prospects about your team? Ask team members to record their video recommendation on their smart device and it will go LIVE on your website instantly.

VAPPSY is free to download from app stores for video recording. So there’s no cost to those who own a smart device to download the app to be able to record and upload a video recommendation. There is however, a monthly subscription cost for the account holder for whom the video is being recorded.


Team members want to grow their business and your business so why not let them have their say. What they share with prospects will be more compelling than what you can say simply because prospects will relate more to other team members than they will to team leaders.

Try VAPPSY today.

Blogging is a popular activity. Almost everyone online engages in some sort of blogging. So how can bloggers take advantage of what VAPPSY has to offer?

VAPPSY as a video diary.

One lady told me she wants to use VAPPSY as a video diary. She’s ill and she currently keeps friends and family updated about her condition and progress via her blog. But she doesn’t always feel like writing, especially after treatments. She said VAPPSY will help so she doesn’t have to write.

VAPPSY can be added to any page (even password protected pages). In my friend’s case, only her family and friends will share in her video diary as she continues her journey to recovery.

Video Diary

VAPPSY’s thumbnail preview, seen above on the left in VAPPSY’s video player,  make it easy for video bloggers to show their videos in chronological order, similar to how you would maintain a diary. You can even arrange the order in which you want videos to be seen.

As a video diary there are countless ways you can use VAPPSY. Give it a try.

It’s probably fair to say that insurance agents, investment counsellors, and others in similar professions, rely heavily on word-of-mouth referrals.  I have often referred friends and family to both my insurance and investment counsellors. Have you done the same?

VAPPSY for insurance agents

Being satisfied with service received makes you feel  confident you are doing business with the right person, and makes you feel good about the person you are doing business with.

VAPPSY for happy customersA book by Pete Blackshaw says it all. ‘Satisfied Customers Tell 3 Friends; Angry Customers Tell 3,000.’  Think about your own experience and you’ll probably recall situations where you have told 3 friends and times when you felt like telling 3,000. You get the picture.

The key to MORE customers is letting them hear from SATISFIED customers.  If someone wants to say good things about you, why stop them? With VAPPSY you create an outlet where those who want to sing your praises can do it. They only have to do it once, but VAPPSY captures it for a lifetime, ready to be heard over and over again as new prospects visit your website.

Try VAPPSY today and you’ll be blushing over the accolades your customers are shouting.

VAPPSY for everyone

Feeling kind of left out from my examples? You don’t have to. Truth is, there’s too many professions out there that can truly take advantage of VAPPSY for me to list them all.

If your business relies in any way on customers then you need VAPPSY. Whatever business you are in, chances are you have competition. So, you need to stay ahead of your competition and what better way than to ‘let satisfied customers sell for you.’

Not every customer buys based on price. While this is a factor in many businesses it isn’t in every business. For me, and others, customer service far outweighs price, unless pricing is way over the top. Are your customers satisfied with you? Let them tell the world, or at least those who find you in your part of the world (your website). Add VAPPSY and separate yourself from competition.