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VAPPSY makes it EASY for your customers to say AWESOME things about you so the whole world knows how GREAT you are. Your customers record, then upload, their glowing recommendation about you. You add VAPPSY's player to your website and the whole world can see and hear what people are saying about you.

What is VAPPSY?

"VAPPSY is a breakthrough in mobile app technology. It combines the popularity of video with the persuasion of customer testimonials to encourage website visitors to take decisive action while on your website." ~ Rodney Brace

Don't Miss the Launch

VAPPSY's security features for iOS and Android are currently being added, then testing begins. Shortly after testing we launch. We'll start the clock when we choose a launch date (very soon)!

See The Video

Video testimonials for your website.

VAPPSY, a revolutionary mobile app that lets you quickly and easily capture a moment in time, right from your smart phone, and share it with the world, preserved forever.

VAPPSY is ideal for any business owner but let's examine a Realtor as an example:

  • A Realtor helps a client to buy a new home. Selling and/or buying is an exciting time and that's where VAPPSY comes in.
  • The Realtor uses their smart phone to capture the moment (video testimonial) and easily uploads it to their website.
  • The Realtor knows they can never duplicate that moment, replicate it maybe, but they'll never truly duplicate it because the emotion happens ONLY during the event and not after.

If you miss that moment, it's gone. With VAPPSY, the moment is captured FOREVER, and you get to share it with the world. Read what one realtor had to say about wishing she had VAPPSY.

VAPPSY for Realtors and agents.

Watch Me Demonstrate VAPPSY

VAPPSY's Video Player

Video testimonials are displayed in VAPPSY's video player, like the one below. You set the color so it matches your website. The videos below are real so make sure you check them out by clicking on them from the menu, scroll if you have to.

Video Cloud Hosting

Videos are hosted on our cloud servers so they serve up fast.

Make It Match

Create multiple players, each different in color from the other.

See and hear what people are saying.

Unlimited Websites

Assign video players to different sites separating testimonials.

VAPPCHAT text messaging

Visitor can send text messages directly to your VAPPSY app.

VAPPSY's Hidden Gem

VAPPSY also makes it easy for website visitors to communicate with the website owner. This is optional if website owners want to use it. It can be disabled. 

  • Visitors simply hit the VAPPCHAT button and a text box opens, allowing the would-be customer to send a text message right to the website owner's smart phone or tablet.
  • Visitors can leave their email address and/or phone number to be contacted if the website owner doesn't respond immediately.
  • Cell phone numbers are never disclosed, maintaining privacy.
Text messages from your website to your smartphone.
More about VAPPSY.
Customer testimonials made easy with VAPPSY.
VAPPSY makes it easy to record and upload video testimonials.
VAPPSY connects buyers and sellers through its mobile app interface.

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